I wanted to offer my sincere appreciation to the New You Recovery House Team for their professional and compassionate care during my recovery. Initially, I was certain my family and I could take care of my post operative needs without issue. However, I soon learned that the expertise of a trained and caring professional would speed up my recovery process and reduce the stress in my home. My nurse did everything possible to fit me into the schedule, and she maintained daily contact with the nurse provider to ensure every detail of expected care was met. The New You Recovery allowed me to focus solely on my recovery, and the services provided were of superb quality. My nurse was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend The New You Recovery House to future post op patients. Sincerely DNP

I had the opportunity to hire Mrs. Marcella The New You Recovery House out of Atlanta. Her recovery services are AMAZING. She’s truly a God sent. She’s loving, caring, compassionate and always POSITIVE. If she gives you any recommendations listen to her and take them. She knows the business. She’s been doing this for over 10 years. So if you just listen to what she tells you everything will turn out 💯. I can’t thank you enough Mrs. Marcella for all your hard work and dedication and passion that you have shown me while I was in Miami, Florida.....Again I cannot stress this enough she is not affiliated with the NewYouRH in Miami, Florida. So if you looking for AMAZING Food and After care services hire Mrs. Marcella you won’t regret it!!! Much love ❤️ and thank you again. Nette

First off let me say NEW YOU RECOVERY is a great place for anyone who is coming from out of town and is looking for a safe, responsible, comfortable, beautiful, caring place to stay while you are post op. The food is great and this is coming from someone who is an EXTREMELY picky eater! Everything they made was very tasty and full of flavor all at the same time it was healthy. Ms. Marcella is such an amazing woman who makes you feel welcomed in her recovery home. Her and her staff made sure my meds were always on time and meals were served 3 times a day, limitless snacks and beverages!! I'm very happy that I stayed here after my procedure while being so far away from my family. I felt extremely comfortable the whole time! This is a Recommended stay for anyone who is going to ATL for surgery.

Being a male and getting surgery done, I was having a tough time finding a group who wanted to take care of my recovery needs during my down time. My doctor referred me to the New You Recovery House. The New You staff were very professional, timely and took care of all my needs from beginning to end while staying at a hotel and from out of town. I HIGHLY recommend their services!!

New You Recovery and Marcella Labron….that is all you need to know if you are interested in a high quality recovery experience, post your surgery. I am not just talking about being pampered. This of course will happen, but importantly, you will be clinically cared for in a manner that will expedite your recovery and enhance your results. Marcella and her team bring tremendous knowledge and experience to the cosmetic recovery journey. Proper pain management, hydration schedules, nutritious and flavorful meals, helping you understand the phases of healing your body will go thru, managing and preventing edema’s, how to prevent constipation, from pain medicines, proper care for incisions, a watchful eye for signs of infection, dressing you in your garment for maximum results while balancing comfort….and much more are what you will receive… and benefit from, while you are in the care of New You Recovery team. Whether you are 20 or 60, or somewhere in between, if you have made a decision to have cosmetic surgery, make a decision to complete the process with proper aftercare to give yourself and your body what it needs to heal well, and efficiently. Thanks to great aftercare, I was either on track or most often, ahead of schedule in my recovery stages, according to my doctor. Thank you Marcella! Thank you New You Recovery! You were a much needed and awesome aftercare provider, and I am a much better me because of not only my surgeon but because of YOU as well!

I have arrived safely and happily to my home in St. Louis, MO. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your amazing staff for my very comfortable stay at your recovery house. I know that I made a very good decision by investing in optimum care after my surgery with Dr. Jimmerson. I believe that there is absolutely no way that I could have made it through recovery so gracefully without you and your staff. I sincerely did not know what I was going to do without you all when I departed! I can say, however, that you definitely prepared me well on how to care for myself once I was back home, and I am very thankful for that! I have written a review on yelp.com and I truly hope that every girl considering cosmetic surgery look into your place, because I know that it is an absolute necessity to be cared by you all. Yes, you all and no one else! I refuse to believe that their is a recovery house in the Atlanta area that has a more dedicated, caring, and kinder staff than yours! The skills and traits that you possess are rare, Mrs. Marcella! Thank you for your kindness, generosity, 24-hour, around the clock, exceptional care! I wish you and you staff all the success and happiness in the world! I hope from the bottom of my heart that you have the opportunity to bless everyone out there needing post-op care. I know it would be your what? Pleasure!

I do not live in the Atlanta area so of course I asked for references of recovery places and one I had come across in my own research came HIGHLY recommended from Dr. Jimerson's office, The New You Recovery House. This had to be meant for me in the stars, Mrs. Marcella and staff at The New You Recovery House teamed with Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions is the VIP treatment that anyone could ever ask for. THANK YOU!!

As for New You's services, they REALLY exceeded my expectations! On surgery day, I was picked up by Ms. Marcella herself, well ahead of schedule with a limo service - we shopped together for my post-surgery supplies and food, then she took me to get all the prescriptions that I had not been able to fill the prior day (thanks Hurricane Irma!) and took me punctually to the surgery suite. She and her staff remained at the facility during the length of my surgery and then transported me to a beautiful recovery house immediately after. The house itself was comfortable, spacious and squeaky clean and the New You team really delivered what was promised. I had around the clock nursing care (alternating shifts), and delicious, healthy meals cooked by Ms Marcella and was just generally pampered like a princess - I was never left alone and Ms Marcella monitored my intake of medicines herself to ensure that I took the right drugs, in the correct dosage, at specific intervals (she's a certified nurse). The cherry on top of the cake happened when I was checking out from New You and into an Air BnB for the final days of my stay in the US. I had a (phone) job interview for a certain time and due to a miscommunication between myself and the hostess, she did not make provision for me to check-in early at her home and settle down for my interview, as we had agreed prior. Ms Marcella had a jam-packed schedule for the day but she quickly took over like a mother hen, dashed to an eatery with internet service where I could take the call and stayed with me for the full hour of my job interview, then dropped me at the Air BnB afterwards - to me, she went over and above her call of duty on this one.

Now on post-op day 5, I am in no pain whatsoever (just a little discomfort) so I have ceased my pain meds and will soon head out to go shopping (I'm trying not to over-exert myself though). I attribute this quick recovery to Dr. Colgrove's expertise, his team's knowledge and New You's impeccable after-care. I could not recommend VSC/Dr. Colgrove or New You Recovery House more strongly and I'm confident that I'll have beautiful results to show off in a couple months (once my implants have settled). Stay tuned for pictures and updates!

Let me start by saying there are no words that can truly orchestrate how I feel. From start to finish I praise the New You Recovery House staff not only for their professionalism but additionally for their care and compassion for me during my healing process. Upon arrival there was a car waiting for metro take me to the house. I arrived at 4:45am so I was impressed that my driver was completely awake and alert and engaged in conversation with me welcoming me to Atlanta and The New You Recovery House. Upon arrival to the house Marcella and Femi greeted me with smiles and warmth and stated, "Welcome to your home for the next 10 days". I must truly say, this was certainly my home away from home. The staff was delicate with handling my body after surgery. I felt frail and tender, but most importantly I felt as though I didn't want anyone to touch anything for fear of causing more pain. These feelings subsided quickly when Marcella placed a warm towel on my back to soothe a lot of the aches and uncomfortable pains I was feeling. The staff was very gentlee with removing my soiled bandages and redressing my wounds. And as uncomfortable as allowing someone else to bathe you may seem; I can appreciate that they were professional every step of the way. Had I'd stayed in a medical facility for recovery the care and treatment couldn't have been any better. I initially was thrown off by the amount of supplies that I was requested to purchase. I thought to myself there is no way possible a person could need all of that or use all of that in a week. But it wasn't enough and I found myself having to purchase more during my healing process. All of the gauze, the wipes, the diapers, etc... you WILL need it. Bottom line when it comes down to the care of your body that you've just invested in, don't half-step on your recovery process. Again, I can't thank the staff at The New You Recovery House enough for the care they provided during my recovery from surgery. Marcella, Prince, and Femi have a dear spot in my heart always, and I will forever be grateful. GOD Bless you all,

I did a lot of research on recovery homes, because I wanted to make sure that my mom was in blessed hands and received top of the line quality care; after surgery. You only get one mom. While I was doing my research, I read through the information at New You Recovery House. I really liked the things that were mentioned online; but at first, I thought that it was just an overpriced recovery home. Once I spoke with Mrs. Marcella, she informed me of so much more to expect in her home. What you read on the website, is an understatement of what you actually receive and experience! My mom and I had surgery at the same time and we stayed in the "Presidential Suite." Once I stayed in her home, I realized that it was much more than just a place to stay for recovery, it was an Immaculately Clean Oasis for Recovery, Healing, Nutritious & Scrumptious Meals, Hospitality at It's Finest, Top of the Line Medical Team (Hassan), 1st Class Transportation (Mr. Prince & Staff), Medical Monitoring Around the Clock, New Linen Daily, Laundry Cleaned Everyday, Genuine Care from Caregivers (Mrs. Marcella and Femi), Assistance with Medicine Everyday on Schedule, Professional & Skilled Lymphatic Massages (Alison), and More. Upon arrival at the airport, we were picked up in a Limousine by Mr. Prince. He communicated with us from the time we landed, to make sure we didn't get lost, and that we had clear and concise directions of how to get to the meeting point. He was there Early, Patiently waiting for our arrival; because our flights landed at different times. He was dressed Very Professionally in a Nice Suit and Tie. He Welcomed us, Opened our doors, Made sure we were seated comfortably, then he loaded our luggage. We had a Very Pleasant ride to the New You Recovery House. When we arrived at the house, we asked if it would be possible for us to have an additional bed in our room. Mrs. Marcella's response was, "ABSOLUTELY!" She went out and Purchased another bed for us to be comfortable and be able to have our own bed to sleep on. She had it DELIVERED within hours! That was Extraordinary!!! No one does that for YOUR CONVENIENCE! I loved it!!! Also, My Husband came for a few days to check on us, and Mrs. Marcella and Femi treated him like Royalty. My mom and I already felt like "Little Princesses" because we were cared for so attentively and patiently. My husband Loved how WELL we were cared for and he Enjoyed the Food. Our Care was a HUGE CONCERN FOR HIM. Once he saw how we were cared for professionally, attentively and properly around the clock; he felt Better and had PEACE OF MIND! During his stay in the home, he was able to enjoy having his own entrance to our suite, watch the latest movies in our room on a flat screen television, jacuzzi hot tub, huge shower, his and hers bathroom sinks, 2 walk in closets, 3 gourmet meals a day, adjusting the temperature of the ROOM (all rooms are adjustable for personal comfort), etc... Once he left, he had PEACE OF MIND, that we were in Great hands. After surgery, the team consistently checks your temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, etc... Well, a couple of days after surgery, my mom's numbers were not at the level that it should have been, and Mrs. Marcella made the decision to rush her to the hospital Emergency Care. This happened in the middle of the night. I was still recovering, so I was not able to go to the hospital with my mom. I was so nervous, afraid and worried while my mom was in the hospital. I did not know what to think or expect. Mrs. Marcella went with my mom to the hospital. She was back and forth every single day at the hospital caring for my mom (changing her garments, bathing her, doing her hair, instructing the nurses on what to do to care for her (because of her surgery)). This meant THE WORLD TO ME! When my mom was released from the hospital, a couple of days later, she came back to the home and was cared for. Everything turned out fine. So, if you had any doubts about going to the New You Recovery House, I hope that I have made it very clear for you. There is NO BETTER place to go. If you are thinking about saving money, this is not the area to save; because this is Your Life. It's one thing to pick the BEST SURGEON (Dr. Jimerson), because you want your procedure to turn out Exceptional; but you have use the same level of importance on recovering properly, or your surgery will go to waste. You want to be in the care of individuals that are Knowledgable, Trained, Professional and Experts in the area of Recovery. That's what you get when you spend your money at New You Recovery House!

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