Surgery Transportation Pick-up

$200.00 – W/ New You Post-Op Care
$300.00 – W/O New You Post-Op Care

If you are having cosmetic/plastic surgery and being discharged from a surgeon’s office and /or hospital on the same day. We provide transport an escort along with your chauffeur for an emergency situation that a driver cannot safely attend. 

The benefits of surgery transport :

  • Many surgery centers require a driver to pick you up after surgery; however, we understand that you may not fully be coherent because of anesthesia so we provide assistance in the back seat to attend to you exclusively for an emergency situation that a driver cannot safely attend.
  • Some surgery centers require an adult to stay on premises until surgery is complete and you are without a companion sitter  
  • During transport, your vitals are being monitored
  • The vehicle is set-up for your type of surgery
  • During transport, complimentary refreshments are being served to immediately restore electrolytes
  • Air leg compression is put on your legs immediately for blood circulation
  • Barf bag for unexpected waste after anesthesia 
  • Within 25 mile radius of the Atlanta Metro Area
  • Call for special pricing for direct transport out of the metro Atlanta area
  • Professional Licensed knowledgeable chauffeurs 
  • Our vehicles are equipped for you to have an emergency restroom usage
  • We understand that cosmetic/plastic surgery is not a one size fit all and we customize our vehicles to ensure a smooth transition to your desired location for recuperation.

Contact our office today at 770-891-3610 to complete your booking reservation. 

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