Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery
Transportation Bundle

Cost: $699.99

If you are traveling to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport for Cosmetic / Plastic surgery in Atlanta, Georgia, and need reliable transportation that you can depend on with knowledge of cosmetic/plastic surgery, we recommend our complete bundle transport package, it will relieve stress and be ideal for you.

The benefits of Bundle surgical transport:

  • Airport  pick-up 
  • Airport Drop/off with Luggage assistance
  • Ride to pre-op appointment (driver waits)
  • Pharmacy pick up (2 attempts)
  • Surgery Pick-up 
  • Ride to post-op appointment (driver waits)
  • Flight tracking compatibility for delays
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Within 50 mile radius of the Atlanta Metro Area
  • Call for special pricing out of the metro Atlanta area
  • Smoke-Free Vehicles 
  • 24 hrs a day service
  • Professional Licensed Chauffeurs knowledgeable of demo-graphical areas
  • Vehicles are set up for your type of surgery procedure ensuring comfortability without compromising your new enhancements
  • Limo vehicles can drop off clients at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson  Airport in designated areas with less congestion.

Contact our office today at 770-891-3610 to complete your reservation booking. 

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